Exploring San Francisco: Best view of the Golden Gate Bridge at Battery Spencer!

Where is Battery Spencer? What is it?
Battery Spencer is in Sausalito. We stopped by the Golden Gate Bridge View first to capture a great view of the bridge there and took a rest stop as well. Battery Spencer is a 15-20 minute walk up a hill from the Golden Gate Bridge View.  So far, the view from Battery Spencer is the best view I’ve seen of the Golden Gate Bridge. You’re almost at eye level to the top of the bridge. Make sure to go on a clear day so you can 1) see the bridge 2) watch the sunset from there! Battery Spencer use to be a bunker, which adds a lot of character and history to the area. Battery Spencer is close to Kirby Cove, which we also went to on this day out. Exploring San Francisco: Kirby Cove post is coming next!

How do you get there?
We took an Uber Pool Express, which was around 10-15 dollars. It was slightly more expensive on our way back at night, after the sunset. Instead of the Uber Pool Express, we took an Uber Pool because the area of express pickup was quite big. A bus is not as convenient as the bus from the city doesn’t come as often. Biking always seems like a great way to cross the bridge, however, once on the other side in Sausalito, the bike becomes a hassle since Battery Spencer is on a steep hill. Driving your own car is also a burden as there are very few parking spots right next to the view. There were a line of cars waiting for people to leave their parking spots.

How hard is the walk from the bridge to Battery Spencer?
Easy – it’s all uphill to get to Battery Spencer, but it’s not too difficult. The view along the way makes the walk a lot better. In case you want to walk more, there are a lot of different trails around there. Bringing a bike up there would make this walk a lot more difficult.

What views can you see from there?
Besides the top view angle of the Golden Gate Bridge, you can also see the city (Salesforce tower), and Baker Beach. It’s quite relaxing up there (besides the wind – haha :)).

What should you bring?
It is so incredibly cold up at Battery Spencer as it’s on a hill. I was wearing a winter hat, a hoodie, and wrapped myself in a blanket. Dustin wore clothes, a hat, and two sweaters/jackets. We only whipped out our hats and blankets once it was starting to get dark. If you’re staying for the sunset, you’ll absolutely need everything I listed before as it’s even colder at night. It’s super windy; don’t let it blow you away!

100%, best view of the Golden Gate and watching the sunset there was beautiful. I want to bring my friends and family! Surprisingly, there aren’t that many people that make it at sunset/night on a weekend; it’s quite empty, which is always a plus!


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