Rediscovering Singapore: Gardens by the Bay, Tan Teng Niah, Peranakan Houses, Hidden Chinatown Rooftop Court

Every winter and summer, I head back to home to Singapore for a couple of weeks. Although Singapore is very small compared to the rest of the world, it continually changes and it feels like there is something new whenever I come back or something I missed when I lived there.

I love the little red dot and excited to share the beauty of Singapore! Here’s the first post for Rediscovering Singapore!

Gardens by the Bay: I have been here countless times because I am still awestruck every single time I see it, whether it’s in the domes, at night, or on the tree sky walk! It looks like a different planet and there is no other place in the world quite like it.

Tan Teng Niah: For my entire time living full time in Singapore, I had no idea that this place existed, so it was cool to see something I haven’t seen before. The building is rainbow colored and super bright that it can make you even forget it’s a rainy day. It’s located in Little India, which is a treat itself.

Peranakan Houses: These are traditional shop houses. This area is a bit hard to get to, but the houses are beautiful and all different colors. These houses show some of Singapore’s history.

Hidden Chinatown Rooftop Court: Dustin and I love looking for new basketball courts in whichever country we’re in, especially ones with great views. We climbed a few flights of stairs to get to the rooftop. There are 2 hoops available. One hoop faces the older buildings of Singapore and the other faces the skyscrapers mixed with parts of Chinatown. It’s a cool court to see the mixture of new and old.

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