Exploring San Francisco: Hawk Hill during Fogust!

We moved to San Francisco a little over a year ago in July. Little did we know that August was the foggiest time in San Francisco and is nicknamed Fogust due to all the fog that comes in during that month. Back then, we would sometimes be annoyed that everything we were visiting was blocked by fog and that we could never see the the blue sky. This year, we got to know San Francisco a little better and we embraced the fog. In fact, we freaking loved it! One of my favorite Fogust moments was at Hawk Hill.

What is Hawk Hill? Where is it?
Hawk Hill is in Marin Headlands and is on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. From here, you have a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from above and a far view of downtown San Francisco. There are several trails that you can hike around this area.

How do you get there?
We’ve taken an Uber pool to this area before, but we’ve also taken a Zipcar in this area because we wanted to explore a little bit more nearby. Zipcar was better for us because we would stop on the side of the road whenever we wanted to take a few pictures of the views. It is less than a 30 min drive away from downtown San Francisco (dependent on traffic)

Absolutely! The views are amazing here and it wasn’t that crowded. We sat on top of the bunker enjoying our lunch while watching the low fog pass by the Golden Gate Bridge.

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