Behind My Egceptional Planet

One of the most difficult parts about traveling is planning the trip before actually arriving at the destination. Without knowing much beforehand about the chosen city/country, it’s hard to figure out transportation, accommodation, sights, activities, and food. Restaurants and tourist spots open and close at certain times. During the winter, the sun sets earlier and several activities need to be done before it gets dark. In addition to that, everyone wants to have the best possible time on their trip while being price and time conscious.

After graduating college, I started to solo travel. Planning a trip for one is slightly easier because I don’t have to think about what others want to do. I enjoy traveling, exploring new places, and making the most of my trips, which is why I choose to pack them; I’m usually never in the hotel (unless I’m sleeping). Friends were starting to ask me how I travel so much while working full time, when in reality,  I was actually only spending a couple days here and there, but always packing my schedule. I started to bring friends on my adventures and although exhausted, they’ve all felt that we’ve made the most of our trip. With great feedback from friends and family, I wanted to share my trip itineraries with you all – they’ll be super duper detailed and I will be sharing recommendations on what’s the most efficient and price effective way to travel. I hope for this to be a one stop shop for your entire trip. Feedback is always welcome! Happy traveling (and let me do the planning for you)!

Below is a sneak preview of a few places I’ll be posting about.


Swiss Alps


Vik, Iceland


Caumasee, Switzerland

Beach in Majorca

Beach in Majorca


Sahara Desert

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