Exploring California: Autumn Apple & Strawberry Picking near San Francisco

This is my first year where I’m not living in the Northeast since I moved to the states. Every year, around this time, the fall festivities and atmosphere flood the Northeast with the leaves changing, the pumpkin picking, and sweater weather. This year, I moved to San Francisco; fall feels a little different as there are fewer falling leaves as the weather isn’t changing as dramatically. To celebrate fall, we went to a farm for some apple picking. Not only did the farm have apple picking, but pumpkin, strawberry, and tomato picking – it was awesome. It was a nice mixture of fall and summer feels.

Where did I go to pick apples?
I went to Live Earth Farm and it is a huge farm where you can pick apples and several other fruits and vegetables, go on a hay ride, see farm animals, and cooked food is available on certain festival days.

Where is Live Earth Farm?
It is around two hours south from San Francisco. The roads are a bit windy after getting off the highway. The area around the farm is quite suburban. It doesn’t hurt to bring some snacks and/or a sandwich.

How much is everything?
We mainly stuck to picking fruits and vegetables from the farm. We got around 20 strawberries for 1 USD and 11 apples for 5 USD; price is measured by the pound, which is extremely affordable.

How are the fruits & vegetables?
So tasty and fresh! We tried everything before we picked more to buy. Although it was October, there were still a good amount of strawberries and they were so sweet. The orange grape tomatoes were the best I ever had and I’m not even a fan of tomatoes, which is why I didn’t buy them. The apples that were ripe and ready to be picked around October 20 were Fuji.

I would definitely recommend; make sure to bring some bags/cartons/crates to put your fruits and vegetables in. Also, make sure to bring sunscreen because it was sunny and it got a little hot after an hour crouching over to pick strawberries ๐Ÿ˜‰ The farm is quite big and it took us around 3 hours to explore the entire thing.

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