2019 My Egceptional Planet Summer Adventure List!

This year I’ve created a summer adventure bucket list. Summer starts in June and ends in September. Since San Francisco summer isn’t till October, I’m going to extend this summer bucket list till the end of October :P. Each year, I’d like to make the most of the sun and tick off as many things as I can on my bucket list. There’s more to add to this list, but here it is so far!

My Egceptional Planet Summer Adventure List

It’s time to take advantage of the the great weather and the easy-to-drive roads to the mountains. Besides the hikes in California (Yosemite, Mt. Tam), I want to take advantage of the mountain ranges in Switzerland and Alberta, Canada. Looking forward to the wildflowers, clear blue lakes, and snow covered mountains!

Chasing sunrises and sunsets
After my trip to Mexico (Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen) where I watched my first sunrise in over a decade, I became obsessed with the natural colors of the sky. I realized it brought me a lot of joy although I was exhausted from waking up early. Regardless of how long of a day it has been or how early the sun rises, I want to watch as many sunrises and sunsets I can this summer because I know I always end up happy after watching them.

Summer only activities
Lavender fields, fruit picking, and picnics at the beach or park – lovely summer activities! After seeing the lavender fields in France in photos, I’ve really wanted to visit these beautiful purple fields. Also, who doesn’t love picking fresh fruit? Last year, we went in October and it wasn’t peak season for strawberries, but we still got a lot. Hoping to get to them earlier this year!

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