One summer day in Copenhagen, Denmark!

Why did I choose Copenhagen, Denmark?
The Nordics are always interesting to me and I have enjoyed every Nordic country I’ve been to (Sweden, Iceland, Finland). I happened to be in Denmark for work and decided to stay an extra day in Copenhagen to explore the place. It felt a bit different from the other Nordic countries I’ve been to – it felt like the bada$$ Nordic country. This was the first time I was in the Nordics during summer time and I really enjoyed the biking culture.

Easy, everyone speaks English

Danish Krone
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My Travel Time
Mid June
This was a good time to travel to Copenhagen because it’s not too hot (unless you’re indoors without air conditioning) and it’s not too cold. It’s easy to get around because there’s no snow on the ground. The days are long and the sun rises a little past 4am and sets at around 10pm.
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My Flight Details
Airline: SAS, ZRH – CPH (< 2hr flight)
Price: ~200-400 USD depending on when you book it and if you have a checked baggage
Transportation: I walked everywhere; there are also bikes that you can rent from your hotel or bike share. From the airport, the cheapest way to get to the city center is by train.

My Hotel Details
citizenM: This hotel is in the city center near Tivioli Gardens. It’s clean and compact, good for 1-2 people. Check in and check out is convenient and there’s a great view of the city from the top floor. citizenM has the same type of rooms for all their hotels and it’s supposed to make you feel comfortable and have the sense of familiarity when you’re traveling. There’s also meeting rooms and areas to work.

Day 1
~1.5 hrs of walking
Hart Bageri: Cute little bakery with delicious pastries. I had an almond croissant with rhubarb filling and a cardamom bun!
Magstræde: One of the oldest streets in Copenhagen that still have the cobblestone streets. The buildings on that street are also a nice warm color
Nyhavn: These are the iconic colorful houses by the canal; there are bars, cafes, and restaurants along the waterfront. I had been wanting to see this for a while!
Rundetaarn: The Round Tower, located in the city center, also has a church in it. You can walk round and round up to the top of the tower where you have a 360 degree of the city.
døp: This is where I tried a Danish hot dog, topped with fried onions, pickles, and more! There’s one right next to the Round Tower.
Joe & The Juice: This place is all over the world now, but it started in Copenhagen. They have these everywhere in Copenhagen – grab a juice or a smoothie! Some of the Joe & The Juice’s have not only sandwiches, but salad bowls in Copenhagen – something that I didn’t see in SF or NYC.
Flottenheimer: A cute little cafe I walked by for a quick meal, where I ordered a spinach quesadilla, which came with guacamole and fries. Not really a Nordic restaurant, but was super convenient. A lot of people come here for their brunch!





Copenhagen is known to have great food! Some other restaurants I went to during my time here:
Llama: Fusion between Scandinavian and Latin American
Cock’s and Cows: Delicious burgers and fries!
Restaurant Meille: Scandinavian cuisine; they had 2 options (3 dishes or 5 dishes) to choose from and the chef would choose the dishes. It was delicious and fresh!

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