The Completion of 2019 My Egceptional Planet Summer Adventure List: International Travel!

This year, I decided to write down a summer adventure list to pack my June – October with tons of amazing activities. I chose to end it in October because in San Francisco, the summer heat doesn’t really start until September/October. Along with that, I knew that June and July would be packed with traveling for work and for personal. I was able to complete everything on my summer adventure list for international travel and even added an extra trip. It was a great summer for seeing other countries!

I make a couple trips for work a year to Switzerland and for the first time in 5 years, Dustin joined me and it was so fun because he was there. We explore Zurich a little bit, went hiking in Appenzell and bathed/swam in a glacier river in Lavertezzo. Here are the Appenzell and Lavertezzo trip itineraries.

Copenhagen, Denmark
I was only here for a few days and had one day free to myself, but it was awesome to see this Nordic country and its culture. I enjoyed the bakeries here, the food was amazing, and got to see Nyhavn, the iconic colorful houses by the canal. Here is the Copenhagen day trip itinerary.

London, England
I was here twice this summer, and although not for vacation, always nice to be in such a big city.

At this time of the year, I always head home for a couple weeks. Dustin joined me for a week and we got to rediscover where we use to live. There’s always more to explore. Here are two awesome “Rediscovering Singapore” moments: Pulau Ubin and Gardens by the Bay, Tan Teng Niah, Peranakan Houses, Hidden Chinatown Rooftop Court.

Alberta, Canada
We have been wanting to go to Alberta and Banff National Park even before we moved to the west coast. We were waiting until we did to visit because it was so much closer. Banff National Park is as gorgeous as we thought it would be. We saw the best sunrise we’ve ever seen and so many amazing beautiful clear turquoise lakes! Here is my Banff trip itinerary.

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