About Me

Hi there!

I’m Belinda Eg (pronounced egg, like the food) and I currently live in New York City. I was born in Orange County, California and moved to Taipei, then Singapore at a very young age. I’ve been to 29 countries and I can’t wait to explore more. I went to New York University for college and I currently work full-time on analytics in an online travel company. I love to stay active, so you’ll notice that there will be a lot of outdoor activities on my trip itinerary posts (even if I’m traveling to a cold place).

Like many others, I enjoy traveling, but with a full-time job and being just a few years out of college, traveling isn’t really in the budget.

See on this blog how I plan and travel efficiently to fully embrace the places I travel to without breaking the bank or splurging my vacation days.

Feel free to reach out to me anytime with any questions on travel. Happy traveling (and let me do the planning)!

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Contact me at myegceptionalplanet@gmail.com.